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DEL Time: 08:48
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: WW Signing Orders
During the offseason for College and Pro Sports people usually have multiple groups and and "Available Money" or "Points" to spend.
How about having a bucket or "Remaining Balance" under the "Available Money" once dollar amount has been allocated?
"Available Money" = $27.00
Group A - Allocated $9.00
"Remaining Balance" = $18.00
Even though you may not spend all the $9.00 on group A due to other teams bidding, but at least you're saying "I'm willing to spend this amount."
This will make it easier when you start setting up Groups B, C, D......

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Mar 29 18:48:09 2021 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Mar 25 14:05:39 2021 by Christopher Hero
Coaches In Favor of Change: Christopher Hero
Coaches Opposed to Change: Jeff Blevins

Jeff Blevins (Apr 1 10:51:20 2021 ): I understand this and have thought this would be cool to have but I think ultimately that this would just help the top tier teams more. Also, I think it is just part of the "fun" of figuring out your recruiting orders for College football.

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