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DEL Time: 09:36
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Situation Script in PBP
I would like to add a script piece in the PBP of college basketball that tells which situational commands are being used at different times in the game. That way we know when certain situations are kicking in during the game and when situation settings switch in-game. This will help with team evaluation and game situation evaluation/effectiveness.
(Example script:
Oklahoma substitutes Holland (80%) for Stoot (93%) at C .
Oklahoma playing 2-3 zone defense Using late/close
Iowa St playing matchup zone defense Using late/close
Another example:
Oklahoma substitutes Nichols (88%) for Barbour (92%) at SG, Holland (87%) for Smith (88%) at C , Smith (88%) for Williams (80%) at PF.
Iowa St substitutes Harvey (87%) for Mayhew (90%) at PG.
Oklahoma playing 3-2 zone defense Using Late/Trailing
Iowa St playing matchup zone defense Using Late/Well ahead

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Mar 5 19:13:46 2021 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
Reasonable request. I think I would prefer to "hide" it via HTML comments, similar to how play selection is hidden in football and baseball for debugging purposes.

Submitted Mar 5 12:01:48 2021 by Coach Petit
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Petit, Chuck Finley, Stephen Thompson, RustyandBill Edwards
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson (Mar 8 07:02:23 2021 ): Andy, to keep the noise down in the PBP, what if you just added a single comment when the playbook is changing. "N Carolina changing from Normal to Late/Ahead strategy." Unlike in CCEL, the situation in basketball doesn't change nearly so frequently.

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