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DEL Time: 09:45
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Easier access to career totals
It would be fun to have a career totals page next to the existing leaders page that could show players who are close to achieving career records.
Basically it could show the current career records and then perhaps the top 2-3 active players in each category. We could even go crazy and put players who are seriously challenging career records in a different color.
There is no good way to keep track of career totals at all right now. That could also be a fun addition to the Players page. Currently we can choose to divide by position and enforce minimums. What if we also had another dropdown which was "current season" or "career"?

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Jan 16 09:59:55 2021 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Jan 15 13:46:14 2021 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, Jeff Blevins, Coach Clipboard, Coach Petit, Chuck Finley
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Jeff Blevins (Feb 3 11:03:15 2021 ): I love this idea! To add to this, Maybe if they make the career list then you can always look at there career?
Coach Clipboard (Feb 17 21:50:25 2021 ): Agree. Career records would add another dimension. Right behind how fun it is to see your team succeed is to see some of your best players succeed
Coach Petit (Mar 5 12:07:00 2021 ): Sounds great! would love to see those players as they move up the boards or are closing in on a record season.

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