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DEL Time: 09:40
Request For: College Football
Request Title: Roster interface update
Applicable to all sports however if accepted requesting for CCEL first. Believe this will have tremendous benefits for speed of roster manipulations.
Combine [Depth Charts], [Player Options], [Coaching Options], [Position Changes], [Cut Players], [Award Scholarships] into single interface
A layout I think can work:
1. Coaching Options section at top separate from roster area.
2. Roster area divided by position group so can access the position level depth chart settings (bench use / side pref). For each player, have attribute stack, stat stack next to it (so middle of screen), and then all the drop downs and check boxes - position change, cut, award schol, up/down for depth position, specialists, and PR/KR designation for off skill players. Also show PT promise (TY/NY) / attitude
3. Would make this the coaching home screen rather than behind a button. All remaining buttons (offensive plays, prototype scrimmage, etc) not combined in this interface can stay at the top.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Dec 30 16:10:47 2020 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Dec 30 14:43:26 2020 by Coach Clipboard
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Clipboard, Chris Manaka, Captain Morgan
Coaches Opposed to Change: none
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