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DEL Time: 10:42
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Computer should honor PT promises better
The computer takes PT promises far too lightly in CBEL. In CBEL, both Boston College and NC State had "busts" on TY PT players. They are letting both players ride the pine behind (admittedly more talented) starters. The problem is, the computer doesn't seem to consider the team chemistry implications of this decision. And the computer suffers no consequences for breaking a PT promise.
I think there are a couple of reasonable solutions here. Either the computer must have a VERY strong bias toward putting a PT promised player in the starting role OR the computer should not be able to PT promise. I would prefer the former option. In CCEL, I recall the game automatically makes a PT promised player a "normal" specialist. The way to do that in basketball is to automatically make them a starter.
If he ends up ahead of more talented players, set the bench usage to 5 and make those other players ahead/behind specialists.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Apr 4 12:34:28 2021 )
Priority: Short Term

Admin Notes
I have a tentative fix ready for the next CBEL season.

Submitted May 5 12:04:13 2020 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, M McCusker, John Henry, Dagger Dave DD, Dave Ayres, Coach Shers, Coach LB, RustyandBill Edwards
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Dave Ayres (Jun 22 19:27:09 2020 ): Totally agree. IMO, it's okay if CPU teams do not suffer a PRESTIGE hit for breaking PT promises (especially since BOB Squads can already cut players on scholarship without any penalty). However, it seems ridiculous that team chemistry is unaffected. I'd definitely like to see CPU teams either suffer the same chemistry catastrophe as the human-coached schools or else be automatically FORCED to honor all PT promises.
Stephen Thompson (May 3 22:20:03 2021 ): Boston College this season is the latest installment. Ibarra has a PT promise, but the computer is starting Mcclain. That might make the most sense by talent evaluation, but is the computer considering the impact of chemistry? Why can't the computer make Ibarra the starter, set the playing time to 5, and then make Mcclain a behind and ahead specialist?

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