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DEL Time: 09:52
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Free Position Change After Camps
Position changes before game day 1 should not suffer the same penalties that happen during the rest of the season. Our players can change a lot in camps. Real coaches get to watch their players during camp and see how their abilities have changed ... it's not a big surprise the night before opening day. The best way to reflect that is to permit free position changes between camps and game day 1.

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Apr 27 20:10:58 2020 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
I'd be in favor - look forward to seeing comments.

Submitted Apr 24 12:04:53 2020 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, M McCusker, Pythagoras A, Eric O, Jeff Blevins, Adnan Bislimovic, John Henry, Kevin LaRue, Coach Shers, Chris Oaks, Steve Slaughter, Loren Smith, Luke McCann, AJ Dickens, Richard Robillard, Darryll Johnston, Hubbard Crane
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Eric O (Apr 30 13:11:23 2020 ): Agree 100% with this one. I have to change positions every year in CMEL, and it's fairly common for me in CBEL. I usually had to make a couple of changes when I was in CCEL too.
John Henry (Aug 3 06:26:10 2020 ): Yes Please. In Football OLB/ILB/DT all interchange and the OL usually merits some changes after camp.
Pythagoras A (Aug 3 17:04:04 2020 ): Would be a great option, and reflect changes made by real life coaches during camp. Yet, we don't see how things are going (abilities changing) until after camp is done.
Chris Oaks (Aug 6 16:57:28 2020 ): I think this is a great idea and would help all coaches equally.
AJ Dickens (Sep 3 05:52:11 2020 ): I think this goes for Baseball as well. I am a Boston fan so unfortunately my examples are from here, but Mookie Betts, came up as a second basemen.
Luke McCann (Sep 8 18:46:13 2020 ): I am for it. I would be fine doing away with the "penalty" during the season as well.
Stephen Thompson (Sep 9 06:17:51 2020 ): I just want to respond to Luke's suggestion. I think it is reasonable for the most part that position change penalties exist since we can't change our gameplan once the game starts. It definitely corresponds with reality to have players who have a position and they just play it ... to suddenly have a WR lining up a TE would be a huge change - an entirely new playbook to learn. What if we just had a blank gameday right after camps which would allow position changes and even allow us to get our 15 scrimmages with our post-camp players?
Loren Smith (Sep 9 06:26:57 2020 ): I would not want a completely free movement of players throughout the season without the penalty. As a gameplanner, you likely are looking at the other team's roster. If players show up on gameday at a new position, they shouldn't be fully 'ready' to play.
Jeff Blevins (Nov 16 14:57:01 2020 ): Definitely would like to see this!
Richard Robillard (Nov 16 15:06:53 2020 ): Would love to see this as an option post-camp pre-game 1, especially as you have a player excel in camps. Much like the comments directly above, I would not like to see the penalty removed for changes made after the season begins.

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