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DEL Time: 09:41
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Cut Players to Transfer List
I would like to see players who are cut show up in the non-region transfer list. I think that would help balance the talent pool a bit, and it would create greater depth in deeper recruiting rounds. In real life, players who are pushed out the door at higher levels end up transferring down quite a bit, whether to a lower level D-I or to a non D-I. Obviously we only have D-I in this sim, but the ones who aren't D-I caliber just wouldn't be recruited.
I've seen some people cut players who are demanding a scholarship or they'll transfer (though that's been a while). Even if not malicious like that, I've certainly cut players from a 20-prestige CBEL team that would be highly useful in Tier III or even Tier II.
If a player is cut, he would go to the transfer list after the next day's events (to keep a double-dipper from cutting a player from his better team at 11:28 and being the only invite with his lower team). If round 2 recruiting has already run, the players who are cut show up on the transfer list at init and stay there all year maybe? I would also suggest that the current "graduate without scholarship" r-Jr's should all transfer instead. If nobody takes them, nobody takes them.

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Apr 20 20:05:12 2020 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Apr 20 12:53:48 2020 by Eric O
Coaches In Favor of Change: Eric O, Stephen Thompson, Pythagoras A, Ryan Amlin, Luke McCann, Jason Kidd, Captain Morgan
Coaches Opposed to Change: Dagger Dave DD

Stephen Thompson (Apr 21 04:52:01 2020 ): My only question whether there should be a minimum talent to make the transfer portal. Nobody wants all of the F/F walks that the tier 3 teams cut in abundance.
Dagger Dave DD (May 30 09:47:20 2020 ): I would only agree if the cut players were C/C rated or better. Otherwise, no. (Too much junk in the trunk.)
Eric O (Aug 3 13:36:57 2020 ): Dave, I would suggest DD as the cutoff, not CC. There are plenty of DC recruits that are immensely useful to a Tier III or even a Tier II that I'll cut as a Tier I.
Pythagoras A (Aug 3 17:05:06 2020 ): I also agree with the point of not sending all of the FF players there as well. FD, DD, and above can still be useful for tiers 2 and 3.

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