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DEL Time: 09:24
Request For: Pro Basketball
Request Title: Exhibition games vs. Bob Teams
only for preseason games: it would be nice, if we can play versus Bob Teams. many leagues dont have much opinions for Opponents.

Category: New Feature
Status: In Work (last updated Dec 8 17:56:05 2019 )
Priority: Low Priority

Admin Notes
I'm neutral on this. Any other coaches have opinions?

Submitted Feb 15 04:26:15 2019 by Jens Behrend
Coaches In Favor of Change: Jens Behrend, Adnan Bislimovic, Sascha Middendorf, Matthias Knaus, Coach Hitch, Coach LB, Joe P M
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Adnan Bislimovic: If it is not much work I would like to have this option but I think other requests are more important
Matthias Knaus: I'm totally for exhibition games against bobs during preseason because it's hard to find an opponent for every preseason gameday.
Coach Hitch: I would like exhibition during the season also.
Jens Behrend (May 16 17:10:40 2020 ): one season is over, anything new? 6 coaches in favor, more than enough? nothing new here??? 7 coaches in favor, more than enough?

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